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Our editorial staff covers science in the broadest sense – the social and human sciences as well as health, the natural sciences, space and technology. is a non-profit entity, connected to the Danish School of Media and Journalism and with an economy based on funding from various sources. The Ministry of Higher Education and Science is our main contributor, and we also receive support from research councils, private foundations and the Ministry of Culture.

A genre at is dedicated to content produced by the scientists themselves, aided by our editors in their efforts to share their knowledge with the public. This genre where the scientists get to write about their research directly to the public is sponsored by the Lundbeck Foundation.

Some of our articles are available in English at our partner site ScienceNordic covers science in the Nordic countries and is the result of a joint effort by in Denmark and in Norway.

Both are well-established, highly regarded and award-winning national science news providers, published in Danish and Norwegian respectively. Both disseminate national and international science content through their independent editorial offices.

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