Subeditor wanted for science news project is seeking a champion for a new project. We are looking for an entrepreneurial subeditor with web media experience and a love for science to help run our English-language site for updated science news from the Nordic countries.

You will be responsible for content from Denmark, Finland and Iceland – selecting, editing and translating articles from and our partners, and occasionally writing your own content.

In collaboration with an Oslo-based colleague and with the support of external translators you will secure a steady flow of cutting-edge Nordic research news.

You also:

  • Are a native English speaker with Danish language skills
  • Have a strong background in communications and/or media and are at home on the web
  • Are able to produce copy quickly and accurately for a discerning audience
  • Are sharp both when it comes to writing catchy headlines and disseminating complicated material in popular terms
  • Are brimming with ideas, work independently and have exceptional organisational skills
  • Are friendly and extroverted and will enjoy keeping in contact with project partners

You will be based at, located in the heart of Copenhagen, where half a dozen reporters and project people strive to publish daily science news.

ScienceNordic will launch this autumn.

The vision is to create one uniform entry to research disseminated in popular terms for the business community, schools and universities, the media and the general public. In response to a growing need for Nordic research material in an approachable English format, the two Nordic science news portals and have joined forces to establish this international portal,

The site will feature news of cutting-edge results from the widest possible range of research fields throughout the Nordic countries, providing a comprehensive view of the undertakings of the scientific world. ScienceNordic will deliver science journalism that is serious and concise as well as written in an approachable language. This allows us to target a broad international audience ranging from students to businesses and researchers.

Feel free to contact us for more information about ScienceNordic and the job. You can call or email editor-in-chief Vibeke Hjortlund at and phone 4050 7765.

Due to the nature of the project, we offer this job as a limited 12-month position with the possibility of extension.

To apply, please send your CV plus a letter stating what you have to offer to ScienceNordic to

Deadline for applications is September 5, 2011.

Starting date: As soon as possible. Podcast

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